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Kalabask Ghana

“Kalabash Ghana” is a Ghanaian registered Non-Governmental Organization founded in Ghana by law under the Registrar General of Companies Code 1963 (Act 179) with registered number G.21, 707. The foundation was originally established on the 27th of August 2007 to support the development of water supply, sanitation, health, education and gender development.

The foundation was founded by a young Ghanaian whose heart yearns for the provision of basic needs to the poor and underprivileged so as to create, at least, close to level platform – with their urban colleagues – to develop themselves.

The foundation has five board members who advise and support with the development of networks for collaboration, partnership, publicity, funding, improved and sustained management and operations. Three of the board members are Ghanaian and two are Dutch.

Kalabash Ghana has a well spelled out constitution that governs its operations and management. With the exception of the two Management staff, the Organization operates a project-based staffing system where personnel are only contracted on the availability of projects.


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