NGO background
They met at the famous “ICOUR Club Special Fish Restaurant” in Bolgatanga in 2006. Wilhelmus Fleurkens (Dutch) works for United Cultures Ghana NGO and Justin Adonadaga (Ghanaian) works for the Government Accountability Improves Trust Programme (GAIT). They discussed the sufferings of the people in the communities every evening with passion and desire to help. They did not need a book to define poverty, they greeted poverty on daily basis in these economically marginalised communities. They wanted to stay longer with the poor people and to help them, but the projects they were working on had ended. The Ghanaian and His Dutch brother Decided to stay longer. They founded kalabash Ghana NGO.


Birth of Kalabash Ghana NGO
Kalabash Ghana (KG) is a local NGO registered in 2007 under the Registrar General of Companies Code 1963 (Act 179) as a Non-Governmental Organization with Registered Number G.21, 707. The NGO was founded by a Ghanaian (Justin Adonadaga) and his Dutch brother (Wilhelmus Fleurkens, aka “Wiljo” of blessed memory) with the idea to raise funding from the Netherlands to help very poor and helpless people in the communities of Northern Ghana to have access to clean drinking water and sanitation; education and healthcare, by providing these socially and economically marginalised and underprivileged people with water treatment filters, hand dug wells, rope pumps, boreholes, basic schools and clinics with donor assistance from the Netherlands.

The NGO is headquartered in Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region of Ghana. The NGO has an office in Osu-Accra.

The NGO has five advisory board members who also use their high networks and reputation to solicit collaboration and funding for the NGO locally and internationally. Three of the board members are Ghanaian and two are Dutch.

Kalabash Ghana has a well spelled out constitution that governs its code of conduct.

The NGO operates a project-based staffing system where personnel are only contracted on the availability and duration of projects. The NGO maintains two core staff to handle administrative and routine management activities.

Goal, Vision and Mission
Kalabash Ghana was established to support the government of Ghana to provide decentralised water systems including community mechanised water supply, boreholes, rope pumps, water treatment systems and offer Water, Sanitation and Health (WASH) capacity building training for households and communities in deprived and emergency areas across the country.
The Vision of the NGO is to have a country with adequate and accessible supply of clean drinking water and sanitation for its rural and peri-urban human population regardless of their socioeconomic circumstance.
The Mission of the NGO is to work in coalition with the central government and the decentralised local government institutions, NGOs, the Private Sector and Chiefs to bring clean drinking water and sanitation to poor communities across the country.

1. Kalabash Ghana implement projects that are presented, owned, and would be controlled by the people who will directly benefit from them
2. Kalabash Ghana implement projects that will address the long-term corrections of conditions that keep people bound in poverty
3. Kalabash Ghana implement projects that are sensitive to the environment
4. Kalabash Ghana works with alliance of people who are socially and economically underprivileged so that our support may bring some control and improvement over their livelihood.

Kalabash Ghana works directly with the alliance of stakeholders and beneficiaries which allow us to associate with the people; listen to them and understand the social and economic difficulties they face. “The best sustainable project considers the input of the beneficiary in identifying and solving the problem in the interest OF the beneficiary and done BY the beneficiary to bring lasting benefits FOR the beneficiary”.